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57 Healthy Chicken Thigh Recipes

Embrace the darker, tastier side of chicken. Skinless, boneless chicken thighs are meatier, quicker to cook, and leaner than you might think.


77 Ways to Use Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

Leftover chicken is one of your best allies for jump-starting creative home-cooked meals, whether you've got last night's roast or a savory bird from the supermarket. Here are dozens of salads, soups, pizzas and more that make clever use of rotisserie chicken.


March 2014 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's March 2014 issue. more

33 Healthy Freezer-Friendly Meals to Win Weeknights

Eat a batch tonight—and freeze one for later. These healthy meals to freeze and reheat will boost your meal prep game while keeping keep your family full and happy. Plus, each recipe can be thawed in under an hour. 


This Meat Lover Went Vegan for a Month, and It Changed the Way He Ate

Senior Food Editor Tim Cebula, omnivore, switched to an all-plant diet for a month. Here's what happened.


Make Your Own Deli-Style Roast Beef

Learn how to cook lean, flavorful roast beef with these tips from Mad Delicious author Keith Schroeder.


How to Eat More Salads

Kenji shares how to make salads easier and tastier. more

Recipe Makeover: Cream Scones

Fruity, whole-grain, buttery goodness with 60% less fat more

Diet Myth: Cut or Burn 3,500 Cals, Lose a Pound?

Does cutting or burning 3,500 calories help you lose a pound? Learn the truth behind this weight loss myth. more

Willpower is Overrated

Emphasizing momentary failures hinders long-term weight-loss success.


Global Pantry: What is Tahini?

Delicious new ideas take sesame butter way beyond hummus. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Mary Beth Shaddix

"Gardening brings me full circle and inspires me to cook again."-Mary Beth Shaddix, Cooking Light Gardener and author of Pick Fresh.  more

Taste Test: The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We tested 14 well-priced EVOOs that pass the authenticity test of Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity, meaning they are not cut with cheaper oils. more

Dinner Tonight

One of these simple dinner menus can be on your table in well under an hour.