March 2009

Cooking Light magazine contents for March 2009
March 2009 cover


The island’s unique, wild beauty and laid-back style helped it take the top spot in Cooking Light readers’ votes for ultimate up-and-coming destination. more

North Carolina's Yadkin Valley

Find food, wine, hiking, cycling, and small-town charm in this under-the-radar destination. more

Acadia National Park, Maine

Nearly 50,000 wild acres offer rugged hiking trails, pristine islands, and fresh local seafood. more

Vancouver Island, Canada

Picturesque islands and forests and a thriving, sophisticated food scene live side-by-side on this vast Pacific-coast island. more

San Diego, California

A world-class zoo, fine dining, and other big-city benefits don't mean there's not also plenty of natural wonder in this Southern California city. more

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

This sparsely populated tropical paradise is just hours from American shores. more

Jicama Is a Fiber-Rich Powerhouse—Here’s How to Use It

Meet jicama, the humble tuber that deserves a spot on your plate.


Our Guide to Fish

Check this expert guide to nutrition, environmental issues, and selection before you head to the fish counter.


Lunch To Go

Try these creative, make-ahead recipes for healthful midday meals. more

Slow Cooker Secrets

Recipes and tips for effortless meals. more

Recipe Makeover: Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

After our recipe rescue, this rich and creamy soup has 40 percent fewer calories and 62 percent less fat than the heavy original. more