June 2012

Cooking Light magazine contents for June 2012

June 2012 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's June 2012 issue. more

Our Best Summer Recipes

Discover your summer cooking and entertaining destination, complete with cooling drinks, fun appetizers, company-worthy main dishes, and fresh desserts.


Fresh Summer Pizzas

Invite friends over, scoop up some superfresh ingredients, and throw an easy pie party.


Facts About Energy Drinks

As the beverage market has exploded, so have the claims about metabolic benefits. Here's a look at the main boosts being boasted. more

How to Mince Shallots

These prized alliums look like copper-skinned garlic cloves and have a mild onion flavor. Release tons of shallot essence by mincing finely. more

Lighter Piña Coladas

You'll like our way of losing almost all the sat fat while keeping the delicious coconutty goodness. more

Taste Test: Whole-Grain Thin Sandwich Bread

Thin is in: The best whole-grain slim sandwich breads more

A Kid in the Kitchen: Chewy Coconut Granola Bars

This month, 11-year-old Matisse Reid shares chewy coconut granola with family and friends. more

The Truth About Fruits and Veggies

Today's produce is less nutritious than yesteryear's. But that's not necessarily bad news. more

10-Minute Wine Pairing: Seared Scallops and Herb Butter Sauce

This month's matchmaking finds three wine strategies for seared scallops and buttery herb sauce. more

Meatless Summer Entrées

Take full advantage of summer's succulent produce with these vegetarian recipes.


Editor's Dozen: June 2012

Great finds and exclusive discounts for June. more

Top 6 Latin American Cookbooks

Find our top 6 picks for the best Latin American cookbooks of the past 25 years. more

Other Uses for Fish Sauce

This Southeast Asian staple adds depth to many dishes. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Myatt Murphy

"Getting strong helps burn fat, and people often don't make that connection." more

Healthy Habits Graduate: Julie Swink

Julie Swink, Library assistant at the University of Texas at Arlington, shares her strategies for getting stronger. more

Cooking Light Nutrition Guideline

Put the nutrition analysis numbers that accompany each recipe to work for you.