January/February 2013

Cooking Light magazine contents for January/February 2013
January/February 2013

Top Technique and Equipment Cookbooks

Find our top 6 picks for the best technique and equipment cookbooks of the past 25 years.


January/February 2013 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's January/February 2013 issue. more

100 Healthy Tips for the New Year

These 100 healthy tips will get you started to a wholesome year full of fitness, nutrition, and a more healthy lifestyle.


100-Calorie Chocolate Treats

9 ways to enjoy 100 calories of everyone's favorite indulgence. By Holley Grainger, MS, RD


Simple 100-Calorie Food Swaps

Small exchanges can help you lose a pound a month; and that’s if you do just one per day.


Six Easy Bulgur Recipes

Eat more of the easiest whole grain. Recipes by: Sidney Fry, MS, RD


6 Ways to Use Slow-Cooker Marinara

This deep, summery-flavored tomato sauce can round out so many dishes. You'll want to keep bags of the stuff in the freezer. Recipes by: Deb Wise & Hannah Klinger more

How to Make an Omelet

Perhaps the most flexible dish of all, perfect for a light breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Done well, it dazzles and satisfies. Here’s what you need to do it with style. Text: Tim Cebula more

Pairing Wine with a Creamy Mushroom Pasta

We chose three types of wine that will go perfectly with a savory mushroom pasta dish. more

200-Calorie Ideas for Toast

The hot, crunchy breakfast standby, now decked out with savory and sweet toppings for 200-calorie (or fewer) meals to keep weekday mornings interesting.


Handy Guide: Water-to-Grain Ratios

Your quinoa should be chewy, not crunchy, and your oats should certainly not mimic soup. This guide will help you figure out how much water is needed to cook these grains, no matter how much or little you want to make. more

Healthy Frozen Pizzas

Make your Friday nights lighter with these four frozen pizza pies. more

Organize Your Kitchen Drawer

Here’s the fix for a utility drawer that becomes a cluttered repository of duplicate tools and useless gadgets.


5 Beauty Boosts

Because we find that looking great is linked to an instant lift of happiness levels. more

Answer These 5 Easy Sleep Questions

Stress, overstimulation: A lot of things can prevent a good, healthy night’s sleep—and a bad one can affect health, including weight. Before it gets chronic, try this quiz. more

Less-Loaded Potato Soup: Recipe Makeover

This hearty bowl is made light and velvety-rich with a secret ingredient. No butter, no cream—just good.


Chef Amanda Cohen: Love the Whole Veggie

A Manhattan chef reveals tricks for giving familiar vegetables exciting new flavors and textures. It's easy—and it's green! more

How to Make Wonton Ravioli

You’ll never believe our secret ingredient for fresh, fast, delicious ravioli. more

Taste Test: Quick Oats

Steel-cut oats taste great but take ages on the stove. These fast versions deliver flavor and texture. more

Don't Stress about Vitamin C

Kick off 2013 with fewer things to worry about. C is critical, but getting enough is easy. more

A Kid in the Kitchen: Kid-Sized Apple Pies

Matisse bakes a simple, portable version of the all-American classic. more

Cooking with Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a secret weapon in soups, spice rubs, and more. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney has some tips for making a three-times-a-week exercise schedule a reality—and making it stick. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Lauren Von Der Pool

"I want to eat foods that will be beneficial to my body." —Lauren Von Der Pool more

Plan Some Healthy Food Adventures

Try a new market, neighborhood, or specialty store. Buy foods both fun and new. Shop healthy (lots of grains, beans, veggies, and so on) for a week’s menu. Enjoy...and repeat. more