Threading wholegrain crackers on filament wire, of course.
We’ve all seen cracker boxes before. They’re rectangular and most of them areyellow. The crackers themselves look just like the boxes: square and yellowish.They don’t drip or ooze or puddle or anything else much. Just sit there. So howdo you make a photo of crackers interesting? Well, you… think outside the box.
When I first checked in at the studio this morning, the team was trying tocapture the crackers flying through the air out of the boxes. They wereliterally pelting the set with crackers while our photographer clicked away.

Didn’t quite work; too blurry and the crackers hadn’t seen enough episodes of America’s NextTop Model to know about giving good face to the camera. Next option: Threadingsome filament through a needle and sewing on some crackers. Voila! Awhole-grain chandelier of “flying” crackers that twist and turn just so.