January/February 2011

Cooking Light magazine contents for January/February 2011
Cooking Light January/February 2011 Cover

12 Healthy Habits

Join the Cooking Light staff and challenge yourself to develop habits that positively affect your overall health, one month at a time.


20-Minute Recipes

Superfast recipes in lots of different categories.


Best of 2010

See the stand-out recipes that became staff favorites from each issue. more

Dinner Tonight

One of these simple dinner menus can be on your table in well under an hour.


103 Money-Saving Recipes

You'll feel good about feeding your family these creatively delectable recipes.


Superfast Italian

Pasta, pizza, and everything in between, ready in 20 minutes or less


Veggie Up! Eat More Vegetables and Fruit Challenge

January's Goal: Add 3 servings of vegetables and fruit to your daily diet. more

Staff Profile: The Embattled Dad

“My kids won’t eat veggies, which affects the whole family.” - Robin Bashinsky: Age 40, Recipe Tester more

Staff Profile: The Restaurant-Goer

“How do I add in veggies when I’m always eating out?” - Margaret Barnhart: Age 39, Sales Manager, Atlanta more

Staff Profile: The Busy Mom

“I eat breakfast and lunch at my desk, dinner on the fly. I don’t have time to deal with produce.” - Kristi Hart: Age 36, Human Resources Director more

The Hungry Traveler

Discover our picks for the best local restaurants in various destinations, plus find menus and healthy recipes for iconic dishes from that area. more

3 Meals in Vancouver

Find the best meals in Vancouver (and how to make them at home) more

Taste Test: Best Granola Bars

From fruity and nutty to chocolately and sweet, these granola bars were chosen best in their class. more

The Hidden Sodium in Chicken

One chicken breast could eat up 20% of your sodium limit—before you even start to cook. more

60+ Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

We've pulled together 60+ ways to bring new life to a weeknight staple.


How To Make Stews

Nothing says comfort food like a hearty bowl full of stew. more