At Cooking Light, we’re always looking for new ways to bring great flavor to the dinner table in less time. In the last year, we’ve been made very aware that the best tips, advice, and cooking know-how come from our readers. That means you. You who try hard to get healthy food on the table with little time and fewer resources than ever.

With that said, the online team is focusing on one of our most time-tested columns, Superfast. At Cooking Light “superfast” means a recipe should be ready in 20 minutes or less, prep to table. Each month we deliver a new collection of 20-minute recipes, and in June you’ll see the full Superfast canon delivered in new and exciting ways on, including a new video series featuring our own Allison Fishman.

Now we need YOU to contribute. We want to hear from you via our Facebook wall, Twitter, and comments on the site for your quick-cooking tips, feedback on a particular Superfast recipe, pictures of Superfast dishes served up in your own kitchen, and tweaks you made to the recipe to make it work for your family. Your comments, pictures, and tips will be featured on, in Superfast videos, and in the magazine. Coming this summer we’ll ask our Facebook fans to help vote for “Superfast Fan of the Month” who will be featured in the magazine and online.

Here’s a challenge to help you get started. Have you cooked any of the Superfast dishes from the Jan/Feb and March issues? Try any one of these recipes below and let us know how it was.* Post to Facebook or email us at We would love to see a picture, hear how your family liked it, how you tweaked the recipe, or any real-world tip you can offer.

-Spinach with Garlic Vinaigrette (with 3 delicious variations)

*Feel free to prepare any recipe from our Superfast collection for this challenge!