April 2013

Cooking Light magazine contents for April 2013
April 2013

Best “World” Cookbooks

For a culinary adventure, we're showcasing standout cookbooks featuring the tastiest recipes from around the world. more

The Cookbook Awards

Stay tuned as we count down the 100 best cookbooks in a variety of categories. more

April 2013 Recipe Index

Find all the healthy recipes from Cooking Light's April 2013 issue. more

80 Meals Under 40 Minutes

Quick, simple, delicious menus to satisfy every weeknight hunger.


Ultimate Yogurt Shopping Guide

Use our helpful hints and tips as you navigate the yogurt aisle for your favorite dairy treat. more

Favorite Radish Recipes

Rediscover this crisp, colorful, and peppery root in 33 of our favorite radish dishes.


Radish Growing Guide

Radishes are easy to grow and fast to sow. Some varieties are ready in less than a month, so they’re perfect for anyone whose attention span may not last long enough for slower-to-mature vegetables. more

Our Favorite Radish Varieties

Fresh from the Cooking Light Garden, these radish varieties are easy to sow, fast to grow, and full of vibrant colors and flavors. more

What to Drink with Pasta Primavera

We have three drink strategies that pair perfectly with pasta primavera. more

Lighter Deviled Eggs

Quick pickled onions, creamy Greek yogurt, and fewer yolks make these stuffed eggs more heavenly. more

How to Make Crab Cakes

Fantastic crab cakes start with the freshest seafood you can find. more

Easy DIY Breadstick Recipes

These 8 breadstick recipes are quick and easy to make and a great flavor booster to a variety of meals.


Taste Test: Sweet Potato Fries

Bake these tasty taters in the oven while the main dish sautés. Half a cup counts as a serving of vegetables. more

Healthy Habits Hero: Dan Barber

Dan Barber, Chef and co-owner of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, gives his tips for savoring whole grains. more

Four Whole Grains for Pickier Palates

Have trouble convincing those with pickier palates to go whole grain? Healthy Habits Coach Allison Fishman Task offers the four grains she thinks will make the transition more tasty. more

Cooking with Coconut Milk

Leftover coconut milk? We have a variety of ways to use this Thai-cooking staple. more