Whether you're single or you have a sweetie to spend this Valentine's Day with, one thing is certain, you should feel special on this day of love. No need to wait until the evening for a romantic dinner—get hit by Cupid's arrow the moment you wake up.

Sure, you could start the morning with the same old orange-and-champagne mimosas in bed, but why do that when you can freshen up your morning with a watermelon mimosa?

WTRMLN WTR is not only filled with electrolytes and plenty of vitamins, but it is certified through the non-GMO project and contains no added sugar. Also, it's insanely delicious. Pair that water with a Brut Rosé from the highly praised Mumm Napa, and you've got yourself a fancy new breakfast companion.

The watermelon is soft enough to compliment the rosé, and the brut adds the bit of pink pop that the water needs. So, grab your WTRMLN WTR and Mumm Rosé and drink your way to a sparkle-filled Valentine's Day.

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