We are back with Erin Rehill-Seker who challenged herself to make a different Cooking Light recipe every day for a year. That is 365 recipes on top of her job and her kids. No short feat when you’re embarking on recipes and techniques you’ve never tried before. Read more about how her journey began in our past blog post. And while you’re at it, you might as well take a peek at how this challenge helped her pickiest eater.

In honor of her year coming to an end, Erin threw herself a party fit for the ages where she showcased her newfound talents. Not only did she cook countless dishes herself, her nearest and dearest brought a few Cooking Light dishes themselves. (Those are friends worth keeping, Erin.)


M: On your last day, you had this big celebratory party. What was that like?E: I had around 45 to 50 people. It was big! I’m so happy that the last day was on a Friday because it just worked out that more people could come. Originally, I picked a few recipes that were favorites from the year, because I never really got to repeat much. It’s a lot of work because if I wanted to repeat I’m cooking two things in a day.

I made around 7 or 8 different dishes and doubled all of them. In some cases it was even more than doubled. I tried a new slow-cooker recipe. We don’t eat pork, so I always have to change the pork recipes to something else. In this case it was chicken thighs slow cooked in peach, bourbon, and barbecue. It was amazing! (Check out the original.) I think I tripled the recipe. I can’t even do it justice because the taste was amazing. There was not one scrap of leftovers that day.

M: So what’s next?E: That’s the big question. I’m not 100% certain. The last few days I haven’t cooked anything, and I actually feel bored. I really enjoyed the whole thing. I enjoyed being on Instagram. I enjoyed taking pictures of food. I really enjoyed learning and cooking new things more than any of it.

One thing the magazine really emphasizes is the idea of make-ahead meals. Those are the ones that take longer. I didn’t really focus on those.

One thing people always ask me is, “How did you cook something every single day?” It’s all about planning just a little bit, then it’s not too hard.

M: What are you walking away with from this challenge?E: One thing I took from this is I can try something new every single day of my life. I just have to find the time and commit to it and just do it. So now I walk every single day. There’s a few things now that I do every day, and before it was like “Oh I’m too tired, I’m busy, I don’t have time.” Now I can get up a little earlier to make sure I walk before work. I feel like this challenge taught me how to prioritize that. Follow Erin on Instagram @cookinglight365.

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