Each Monday, we round up all the news (or pseudo news) that’s making headlines across the country or just in our offices.

- Choco Shock. Last week, science journalist John Bohannon exposed a scary truth that anyone who monitors healthy living and nutrition reporting knows: A lot of news sources may be purposefully or inadvertently misleading readers. Case in point: Bohannon created a weight-loss study that eventually concluded chocolate helps people lose weight. That's exciting, right?! Well, not so fast. The study was mostly crap. A very small sample group, only 16 people, were studied, and that's only the tip of the flaw iceberg. Unfortunately, the study was picked up by media outlets across the globe without regard to the validity of the study. It points out a very real and scary fact that we at Cooking Light know all too well, unfortunately: The world of nutrition reporting—honest, solid, reputable reporting—is in trouble.

- Good 'Gramming. American chain restaurant Chili's just spent nearly a million dollars making your burgers more Instagram worthy. That's right—the creator of the annoyingly perfect song about baby back ribs dropped $750,000 beautifying their hamburger buns with an egg white wash. The goal: Millennials will be more snap happy and share with their money-spending friends on IG just how delicious their burger is.

- A World Away. In Milan this month, 145 of the world's countries have gathered to talk food. (Hey, how fun is that?!) Specifically, they're talking about feeding a rapidly growing world population. Some of the tents are more light-hearted, showcasing "milk maids" offering free milk and chocolate. Others, like America's corporate-sponsored tent (the only tent not funded by the country itself), dish up brain food, things we can and should think about as a global community. Read more at The Washington Post