Each week we round up all the news (or pseudo news) that’s making headlines across the country or just in our offices.

Know GMO. Though they have not confirmed it, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is reportedly developing a non-GMO certification program. This means food brands can apply for non-GMO certification and can label their foods non-GMO if and when they meet the standards of the program. This will help weed out a lot of false claims, and if selecting only non-GMO foods is important to you, the USDA is giving you a big boost.

- Probiotic Problem. More than half of the most popular probiotics on the market have traces of gluten. Some of the probiotics that had the traces were even labeled "gluten-free." It's unclear if these traces are enough to harm someone with celiac disease.

Get Growing. Kids who grow vegetables are more likely to eat them. A Cornell study found that school children who were given some of the vegetables grown in their school's garden were four times more likely to eat them. The study was small, but it supports something one of our favorite organizations, FoodCorps, has been preaching for a few years now: When kids are involved with their food, they learn to appreciate it and love it that much more.