Since launching in the summer of 2014, the Cooking Light Diet has helped community members meal plan their ways towards more free time, less kitchen stress, and incredible personal milestones. We polled members of the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community to see what everyone loves most about using the service. These are some of their responses.
Credit: Photo: Colin Price

Positive affirmation is cathartic and warm, like getting a bear hug from an actual bear that you know would never consider you as a snack. We could all use it sometimes, especially when dealing with something serious or difficult, or seriously difficult. And changing the way you eat can be seriously difficult. Think about have to eat. It's a necessity. What's not a necessity is eating healthfully. A lot of us can't do it on our own, or lack the tools required to figure out how to change our eating habits.

That's where the Cooking Light Diet comes in. Since launching in 2014, this subscription-based meal planning service has helped people figure out the how in healthy eating. These people, our wonderful community members, populate a small space on Facebook I like to refer to as the "happiest corner of the internet": the Cooking Light Diet Community. It's an amazing support group for folks to encourage one other, post amazing food photos (looking at you, Cyndie Moran!), get excited about their food (such a novel concept for a "diet") and help one another on their journeys towards great health.

In school we're taught to show, not tell, though, so I thought it'd be great to ask our community members why they love the Cooking Light Diet. What about this meal planning service sets it apart, and makes it work for their lives?

For Sue Given, there's a lot to love about the CLDiet.
"I love that I have lost 65 pounds and am the healthiest I've been in many, many years. I love that I'm doing it eating amazing, healthy food that my whole family eats and loves. I love that my children request CLD meals all the time, even for their birthdays. I love that my husband rates many of the meals A+ and asks me to make them again. I love that meal planning and shopping are made easy with this plan. I love, love, love CLD!"

Robin McCord loves how quickly she can plan her weeks out and then move on to other, more important, matters.
"I particularly like the ability to customize my meal plan to substitute favorites if a particular day's meals don't appeal. I love being able to generate and edit the shopping list. I really love that I can plan for an entire week in 20-30 minutes."

Bev Sigsworth Nichols loves that the benefits aren't countered by it being time consuming.

Michele M. Handal-Werner really enjoys the versatility of her plans, and that her family enjoys the menu variety, too.
"I love the meal planning aspect of it, that makes my weekly meal planning a breeze. I love how my entire family eats foods that they wouldn't have tried before we started on the Cooking Light Diet. I love the shopping feature, and the way I can change meals around if I don't want to make it that day. I have lost some weight too on it, which is another plus! I love how I can save recipes in my favorites to make again if we really love it. It's one of the best decisions we have made health wise as a family!"

Nancy Schuck Hawkins loves that the meals stand out.
"The thing I love most is that this food is NORMAL. It's for regular people, not just dieters. It is colorful, flavorful, nutritious, and fresh. The recipes are great for family and also that special guest meal. No fake, artificial ingredients. It's just great food."

Jean Vetter Striegl loves that the Cooking Light Diet saves her money when it's time to grocery shop.

Susan Pinney really loves that the meals don't disappoint when she has guests over for dinner.
"I love to cook and try new recipes. I always have. But with CLD the meals are always delicious and always healthy. The meals are never boring... I absolutely love the sauces and dressings that make every meal special. I would serve any of the meals to company or for family gatherings without hesitation. There is no other diet that includes meals fit for company. The fact that losing weight happens is a bonus! I love CLD!"

Anne Egelhof Ritchie loves everything about the Cooking Light Diet. We love you too, Anne!

Mary Whiton loves that it never feels like a diet.
"It's a lifestyle. You get to eat fresh, real food. No one ever thinks I'm serving diet meals."

Heather Smith Blanchette enjoys feeling as though the family is chowing down on fine-dining quality meals at home.

And Amanda Garlinghouse loves that, for the first time, everyone in her house looks forward to dinner together.

These are just some of the many reasons our community members say they love the Cooking Light Diet. To read more about why they're enjoying it, we encourage you to join the Facebook community here, or sign up for your first week of meal plans here. Cheers!

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.