Advertisement lots and lots of plants. After plateauing for a couple of frustrating weeks on the weight front, I dropped a couple in the past few days and I'm now 8 pounds off! No deviations from the plan during that time, but at some point I was persisting only on faith that sooner or later the laws of physics have to prevail over the body's tendency to conserve fat and energy when it faces a calorie cut. Sooner or later, the physics says this: fewer calories in, more calories expended = inevitable weight loss.

Meanwhile, it's the season of glorious plants. It sure helps to have the farmers' market in full bloom in Birmingham. The attached photo (yes, those are my shoes) shows the haul over the weekend—juicy Chilton county peaches; super-peppery baby arugula; little fingerling potatoes; Chinese long beans; a whole bunch of tomatoes; perfect broad beans; best-ever blackberries (I made a great mojito with them); Brussels sprouts (tonight I'm going to make a salad of wilted leaves with a mint-lemon dressing and toasted almonds, as an experiment); butter beans; and plums.

It's so easy to cook when the food's this good! Last night I put a succotash of butter beans, fresh corn and tomatoes, enriched with a bit of farmers' market bacon but no cream, over quinoa, and served it with an arugula-and-red-bell-pepper salad with a dressing of avocado oil, mustard, and rice-wine vinegar.

Good luck to everyone following along on the #SocialDiet. We've had great response!

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