Christy Price and her family lived in Europe for 12 years on military assignment. When it was finally time to come back stateside, the change was hard. Living out of hotels, eating fast food, an absence of portion control, a lack of a social circle, and depression took their toll. After getting up to 203 pounds, Christy was determined to regain control of her weight, and her life. That's when she found the Cooking Light Diet, and everything changed. 

Christy Price and her husband Jim are social birds. Stationed in the Netherlands for 12 years while Jim was on active duty, the Prices lived in a centrally-located home in the small town of Bingelrade, in a house that, once upon a time, was a pub. They renovated the pub, and quickly turned their digs into a welcome center of sorts for American expats. They hosted parties and potlucks, providing libations and live music, making anyone who walked into their home feel like an extension of the family—including an aging local who reclaimed his favorite stool at the pub he frequented so many years before. 

And then Jim was reassigned to San Antonio. The Prices packed up their kids, Kaitlyn and Sean, their Romanian rescue dogs, and most of their belongings—after one last party at the pub—and headed to Texas. Displaced, devoid of a social circle to ease the transition, and absent a permanent dwelling, the experience was taxing for Christy.

"We didn't have a house set up, so we were eating a lot of restaurant food, a lot of fast food," Price said. A combination of mindless eating, American-sized portions, and depression saw Price tip the scales at 203 pounds. She felt like she was trapped in a vicious cycle.

"When I hit 203, I realized, 'Oh my God, I'm obese,'" Price said. "I didn't want to be that person. You don't realize that you might be slightly depressed when you're overweight, so it's really easy to get into a negative mindset. Like, 'I'm depressed, so I'm not going to go out because I only like two or three of my outfits. Everyone's already seen them. I'm just going to sit home, watch TV, and eat.'"

Tired of feeling like she wasn't in control, and ready for a change, Price had an epiphany.

"I decided, 'I've got to take control of myself, and take care of myself.' And that's when I decided to start the Cooking Light Diet."  

After a 2016 spring break trip to New Orleans with the kids, Price got back to San Antonio and started preparing the family food from the weekly menus delivered by her Cooking Light Diet subscription. As with most folks switching to the service, she was a little hesitant. Would she wither away into nothing trying to eat just 1,200 calories a day?

"I asked myself, 'Wait a second. Am I going to constantly starve?'" Price joked. But she found, to her surprise, that she never felt hungry eating the suggested meals.

What's more, she found that combining the meal plan with a rigorous exercise schedule was causing the pounds to slip away. Five months in, Price had dropped 50 pounds and six dress sizes. Her acid reflux completely went away, and she was finally able to have the breast reduction surgery that her BMI had been preventing her from even being referred for. She'd taken her discontent by the horns, committed herself to changing her life, and followed through. It was—it still is—invigorating for her.

"Once you start doing this for yourself and you start losing the weight, and you realize you have value, it's empowering," Price said. "I'm comfortable in my own skin again. I'm comfortable in my clothes and I feel like I can wear cute clothes again, which is huge. Every time I go down—especially when I've hit a 10-pound milestone—it really kind of empowers me and makes me realize, 'This is working. And it makes me want to do it more.'" 

For Price, the Cooking Light Diet has become a lifestyle. In her words, it's learning to be healthier and make better food choices.

"I don't even think of it as a diet. I've completely changed my lifestyle, and I've realized what healthy is."

It's also something her family has fully embraced, and many of the kid's favorite recipes come from her plan. While they've joined Jim in being incredibly supportive of Christy throughout this journey, she acknowledges that she alone was the only one who could make this happen. 

"You have to make the decision to make the change. If you're not ready to commit to yourself, I can't tell you what to do. You have to want to do it for yourself."

And commit she has. Congratulations on all your hard work, Christy! We're so glad the Cooking Light Diet has been able to help.

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.