Floridian Katie Bolf already has enough on her metaphorical plate without needing to think about what food to put on her actual plate. She's juggling an internship with obtaining her master's degree and planning her dream wedding. Luckily, her meal planning is taken care of with the Cooking Light Diet. It's helped her lose 15 pounds so she can look forward to her dress fitting and the super-healthy happily ever after she and her fiancé eagerly await.
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Katie Bolf, 26, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, has a lot going on. She's been commuting two hours every day during the week to obtain a master's degree from the University of Miami. She's been prepping for an internship with L'Oreal, which she hopes to parlay into a fulltime gig. Oh, and she's been planning and preparing for her dream wedding this summer to her fiancé Antoine, whom she's been separated from for the past 9 months until he could get approved for his K-1 visa. She's been busy, y'all. The last thing Bolf needed was another thing to stress over like, say, fitting into her wedding dress.

So it was a bit serendipitous when she discovered the Cooking Light Diet. Now 15 pounds lighter, Bolf is looking forward to her dress fitting, the wedding, and the shared meals and happily ever after that await her as the future Mrs. Bieniek. Here are just six of the many, many reasons she's grown to love the CLDiet, and why she would encourage other students, brides-to-be, and working women to join as well.

It's made me a more thoughtful eater.
"You're going to learn portion control. ...Being on the Cooking Light Diet really helped me recognize that it is okay to eat something that sounds appealing to me. But I also know when to stop, and I think that's kind of my favorite part. When you eat at home a lot on the Cooking Light Diet, your body kind of readjusts and realizes when it's full when it's supposed to be full, as opposed to when I think I'm done. So it really helps because it makes you more perceptive to that when you go out to eat. It's helped by leaps and bounds when I go out because now I tend towards the healthier options just because I've been doing this."

It's great if you're on a budget, whether that means money or time.
"It's not even $100 [to subscribe]. It's worth it. If you're a student or someone who commutes a lot for work, you just don't have the time to put into a full breakfast in the morning, or a deliciously-made lunch that's fresh everyday. Or having lots of time in the evenings to prepare dinner—that's when I'm studying. But I really appreciate that this gives you options, and it's a lot of stuff I can prepare the night before. So if I only have a few readings as opposed to a million, I can actually take the time the night before and just kind of get myself ready for the next day. And on the student budget, I think the Cooking Light Diet has really helped a lot because I'm preparing so much more at home now. I would say probably 80-85% of what I eat is homemade. It's a huge change for a student, because it's so easy to go to the student union and grab Subway, or whatever else. So it's definitely an improvement over how I used to eat, and I think my wallet very much appreciates it." 

It makes eating a "no-thought process."
"You can only concentrate on so many things. And between commuting, getting good grades, and planning what will hopefully be the wedding of my dreams, the last thing I want to think about is how I combine food and being my best self for my wedding into that process, because your brain only has so much bandwidth. So it's really helpful. It makes meal planning a no-thought process."

It's perfect for two!
"My fiancé is French and we've been apart for the last 9 months. When he gets here, we've got a little less than three months before the wedding. It's totally crunch time, but it's fun crunch time. But I've been telling him about the Cooking Light Diet for months now, and he's so excited. He can't wait to try it and he's said, 'Katie, we're going to live this super-healthy lifestyle.' And I love that there's a two-serving option and a four-serving option, because we can login and sit there together at the beginning of the week and decided what to eat. We're going to make it, we're going to explore, see what we like, and find other recipes to add in. It's going to be great."

It's forgiving.
"The Cooking Light Diet is less being dictated by, 'Oh, you're being unhealthy and you want to lose weight but you can't,' and more, 'No, let us give you a couple ides. We know that you're flexible, we know that you're strained for time, or we know that some days you're going to want to eat that ice cream, so just do it.' But kind of stick to what you're supposed to stick to, and in the long term you're going to see a lot of success. It teaches you how to intelligently deviate, and do it in a way with minimal impact. And I think that really speaks to this being a lifestyle change as opposed to a quick-fix."

It's not a cure-all. It's a partner.
"I think the goal of saying you want to lose weight isn't to have a quick fix, it's to be able to work with something that can be your partner in the journey, and I think that's really what it's all about. The Cooking Light Diet acts as a partner, it acts like a support system, as opposed to a regime. And I think that really, really helps you change your perspective on how you're supposed to be helping yourself lose weight and become a better version of what you already are, which is probably fantastic anyway." 

We think you're fantastic too, Katie! Thanks for sharing your success story, and congratulations on the upcoming wedding! 

To learn more about the Cooking Light Diet, you can email feedback@cookinglightdiet.com, or subscribe today at CookingLightDiet.com.

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.