The SocialDiet "Board of Advisors" is a small, tight group of coworkers and friends who have experience with dieting from various perspectives: the New Mom, the Yo-Yo Dieter, the Maintenance Eater, the Diabetic, the Stay At Home Dad, etc. Together we yak about weight loss, 10k steps-per-day, software and hardware, plateauing, long-term life changes, and our unending, undiminished love of good food. 

Scott MowbrayScott is the editor of Cooking Light and believes that every meal of every day should be absolutely delicious—just a bit less of it to be eaten from now on. He's set a 20-pound weight loss goal over 20 weeks, by Nov. 1

Erin ClintonErin handles PR and loves all things food—cooking, baking, eating, and drinking. Working at Cooking Light is a pretty sweet gig, even if it comes with some occupational hazards (you can have one too many bites or sips!). When she’s not writing press releases and pitches, she’s in her home kitchen with her husband cooking and baking up a storm.  All Cooking Light recipes, of course!

Allison LoweryAllison works on all things digital at Cooking Light, and in between posting and tweeting, she spends her time chasing after 2 little girls. Her weight loss goals are focused on fitness and spending just a bit more time on herself (spending any time will be an improvement).

Allison Fishman TaskAllison is a contributing editor to and spokesperson for Cooking Light magazine. 2013 is a big year for her; on Valentine's Day she became mom to two delicious baby boys, and in October, she'll be birthing Lighten Up, America, a cookbook she wrote in collaboration with Cooking Light. Her goal is to lose the baby (or babies) weight by the time her book comes out.

Michelle LamisonMichelle lives in Manhattan and—with moderate success—juggles a demanding marketing job at Cooking Light and; a patient and forgiving husband; a hyperactive 7-year old son; and a way-too-sparse social life.  It took 7 years, a combination of Weight Watchers (she’s a lifetime member), regular personal training sessions, and a colorful assortment of mid-life crisis’, but she is proud to be fit and back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Patrick PittmanPatrick Pittman is 44, went to nursing school for his midlife crisis, works in an ICU in Birmingham, and takes care of twin 7-year-old boys during the week.  He played soccer nearly all his life, but stopped when the twins arrived. While he doesn't miss the competition, he wants to be back in shape and just healthier in general. People think of him as patient, but he really thrives on quick, noticeable results.

Sean KelleySean Kelley is an editor, writer, and video producer of health and wellness content. He splits his time between a small farm in Alabama where he raises two kids amongst okra, peas, and honey bees, and Atlanta, where he works for Sharecare. His goal is to lose 20 pounds by Jan. 1.