My editor’s note in the August issue, in which I confessed my need to lose 20 pounds, is creating a lot of conversation and encouragement from readers. Just got this photo from reader Jeannie Landis, who says, “I was so excited to read the ‘This month I make a confession’ column ... I want to join the party! Keep it coming!”

Here’s my CL diet update: down about 13 pounds now, after 13 weeks—which is on schedule. Good news: returned from five days at the beach and did not lose my momentum. We had a kitchen, so lots of summer tomatoes and fruit and great seafood on the grill—plus at least 8 miles of running and walking a day—kept things going, with room for fresh strawberry daiquiris.

Meanwhile, the group dynamic of using the UP bands and MyFitnessPal is really working. Several members have had slumps and plateaus, but there is unquestionably an advantage to being able to check in with each other and see each other’s progress.

The final, most important point: It really is true that you don’t have to give up foods to lose weight. That doesn’t mean portion control is easy. But it’s a lot easier when you’re eating foods that really satisfy.

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