Note: Scott wrote this blog during a trip to Victoria, B.C. in June.

I write this on a ferry from Victoria, British Columbia, heading to the Vancouver-area port of Tsawwassen. The on-ship cafeterias are known for their delicious hamburger-fry platters: White Spot burgers (rather like In-N-Out burgers) with big cups of excellent crunchy-mealy potatoes. There is something about eating a good hamburger on a big boat as it threads its way through coastal islands: pure pleasure. The fellow beside me has lined up a row of little cups of ketchup for efficient fry-dipping, and then unfolds the striped paper from his burger with the look a dog gets when you carve a roast 2 feet from its nose. It seems like sheer insanity not to be following his lead: Why forgo such a rare pleasure?

In front of me, though, are nine little pieces of sushi made from cucumber and crabby stuff. They are not particularly good, but I’m hungry. I eat seven, then eye the last pair. I stop. Really, they’re not that good. Compared to those fries, they are not worth eating. I leave them on the plate. Eventually, I forget they’re even there, hiding behind my laptop screen, as I write about hamburgers, and then a waitress takes the platter away. I go find a banana. Small thing, big deal.

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