Losing weight is great. But then you have to buy new clothes. I'm down 50 pounds now (read about my journey), but it hasn't come without its drawbacks. Don't get me wrong—I wouldn't give up my progress for anything—I'm just sharing what I've learned along the way.

My friend asked me the other day if she could take me shopping. “You mean like pay for some new clothes?”

No, she said. “Just force you to go to a store and try on new clothes.” She knows I am putting off buying clothes, and most of my clothes are just really too big at this point. I’ve given away or stopped wearing the ones I really can’t fit, the pants I can pull off without unzipping and the shirts that basically look like tarps. I run almost everything through the dryer now, hoping for a little shrinkage so it fits a little more snugly. But here’s the truth: My clothes are too big, and I love it.

I’m a year into a weight-loss journey that has, so far, been slow, aggravating at times, but steady. I can still wear most of the clothes I was wearing 50 pounds ago, but the size difference is quite obvious.

That conversation with my friend made me think. I love to humble brag about my clothes not fitting. But I also hate that my clothes don’t fit. It’s a hate-really love kind of relationship we have going on here.

Here's 3 more things I love to hate about weight loss:

1) I have to want to become a runner. I used to joke that the only time I would ever run was if I was being chased by a hungry lion. And even then, I’d really debate what was worse: being quickly torn apart by a ferocious big cat or having to actually run. Running is a great calorie burner, and after a weight-loss plateau that required me to really change up my routine to finally see a number change, I need big calorie burners. Also, once you start exercising, you can’t stop. In fact, your body expects it. Now I have to exercise in order to feed the calorie-burning beast.

2) Warning: Cringe-worthy compliments ahead. When you work hard to lose weight, people can tell. They also make comments. Good, bad, or just weird, these compliments are mini cheers to the finish line. (Even the ones that make you roll your eyes.)

3) Your body will totally get mad at you. Recently I celebrated my best friend’s baby’s first birthday. We had cake and hamburgers and hot dogs and candy and ice cream. And then more cake and more ice cream. The next morning, around 2:30 a.m., I woke up with the worst case of heartburn I have had in quite some time. It kept me up for an hour, uncomfortable, writhing in pain. It was my body saying, “You really overdid it this time, Kimberly.” I'm learning to understand better when my body is telling me to chill out, and when I know I can really push. That means both food and exercise.

Tell us: What do you love to hate about losing weight?