Workplace treats can be hard to resist. Here's how to overcome temptation. By: Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD
Credit: Photo: Oxmoor House

Donuts anywhere can be hard to resist, but warm donuts with a sugary glaze only a few steps away from your desk are almost impossible to turn down. Whatever the office temptation—donuts, birthday cake, or pizza—you need to get a game plan in place now for when those temptations arrive and call your name.

Start by keeping your desk stocked with healthy snacks and low-calorie treats such as hot tea, hot chocolate, granola bars, or a few chocolate candies. Then, if the temptation becomes too much you can resist by enjoying one of your healthier treats. Avoid the break room except when it’s lunch, if possible. You’ll get busy and usually forget about temptations that are out of sight. If food regularly sits out in work areas, see if it’s possible to relocate it to the break room. Finally, find someone in your workplace who’s trying to diet as well. Simply having the support of just one person in your same situation can help you not give in to office temptations.