Pinterest can be a goldmine for finding healthy recipes—here are some popular keto recipes that low-carb eaters can’t stop pinning.
Credit: Rimma Bondarenko

We all know that the buzzy keto diet is taking up a lot of real estate in the diet and health world. Since the popularity of the low-carb, high-fat diet has exploded, there have been a rash of cookbooks published in the last two years—and no doubt more are on their way. But we all know that a great way to find healthy or trendy recipes is Pinterest (shameless plug, follow us!). So we went to the boards to find 10 keto-friendly recipes that are popping right now.


We love cloud bread (try our version!), and this one is getting a lot of Pinterest love.

We’re lovers of #tacotuesday as much as anyone else, and these keto-friendly cheddar cheese taco shells sound pretty tasty.

We reported on these cute egg cups recently as Pinterest’s latest viral breakfast, but they’re also keto-friendly.

This keto-friendly gnocchi is like a low-carb take on classic gnudi.

The keto diet is known for the popular “fat bombs” that you see all over the internet. But we’d rather have something like these low-carb meatballs.

Want comforting chicken soup? This low-carb, keto-friendly chicken fajita soup fits the bill!


Topping a salad with a scoop of egg salad is a keto-friendly way to make a quick lunch, which is probably why this pin is so popular.


90-second keto bread is taking over Pinterest, and the entire Internet, it seems.

Love it or hate it, the “substitute cauliflower for EVERYTHING” trend is not going anywhere any time soon. So it’s no surprise that this “mac ‘n cheese” is a keto favorite.


To be honest, we’re actually sort of excited to try this keto-friendly spin on fish and zucchini “chips,” but we’re probably going to swap in a squeeze of lemon for the calorie-rich mayonnaise-y sauce.