If you read my earlier post, you know I bake bread once a week and bring some into the office. Well, this week's loaf was another experiment in wholesale recipe-robbery. Big Sky Bread Company here in Birmingham makes a delicious three-seed whole-wheat bread which I decided last week I wanted to copy.

But me being me (and because flaxseed was on sale at Publix yesterday), I had to one-up them. So where Big Sky uses sesame, poppy, and sunflower seeds, I added flax. And where they use only whole-wheat flour, I added rye. It made for a nutty, hearty bread that would be fantastic for a turkey sandwich. It could use a little sweetness, so next time I'll add some honey. All in all, quite good. It's almost 4 pm and my coworkers haven't completely devoured the whole thing yet, but I have gotten three complimentary e-mails. Four out of five stars.

Anybody have a suggestion for next week?