The retail giant wants manufacturers to re-think their branding.

Walmart's news site, Walmart News Now, recently published a post asking suppliers to focus on plant-based products. The company cited a study from Natural Products Expo East, which occurred earlier this year, pointing out the rising demand for plant-based products.

The study found that 36 percent of consumers buy plant-based 'meats' and 58 percent of adults are drinking non-dairy 'milks'. In the post, the retail giant doesn't tell companies to go entirely plant-based, but instead to identify products that could potentially be marketed that way. This request will likely have influence on food manufacturers' future product developments and marketing strategies, meaning the words 'plant-based' may become a regular sight in Walmart stores. 

This isn't the first time that Walmart has made headlines in the health world. Last year the grocery chain pledged to only sell cage-free eggs by 2025. Then, just weeks later, they made news again by announcing the addition of organic Great Value products, a certified organic expansion to their store-brand line.