I’ve gone without my weekly The Walking Dead fix since March 29, but as of tomorrow, that will end. The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere will finally air!

I’m sure all you Walking Dead fans out there understand and feel the same way. Now that Morgan is back, will he be friend or foe? Who or what are the Wolves? What will happen to Alexandria?

Finding out the answers to these questions and what will happen with Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the crew is not the only reason I’m excited for Sunday to arrive. The return of The Walking Dead means getting back together with my Walking Dead watching group.

Every Sunday night a group of eight, ranging in age from 17 to 62, gather at my best friend’s house to watch The Walking Dead. There is always food, a cocktail or two, and lots of post-episode analysis. Here are a few ideas of some great Cooking Light appetizers and how to “dead” a few of them in case any of you might be hosting your own Walking Dead premiere party.

There won’t be any appetizers left to enjoy at the Cooking Light offices on Monday, but there will be lots of talk about the prior night’s episode over a hot cup of coffee.

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