Have you been dropping subtle hints about spending a leisurely morning in bed this Valentine's Day? Subtlety was never my strong suit, so I'm just laying this out there to the Valentine's Day gods: I want breakfast in bed! And here is exactly what I want served.

Carrot Cake Pancakes: Because if I'm going to go all out, I might as well feel like I'm eating dessert for breakfast (even though I really know it's a lighter, healthier way to appreciate the flavors I love in carrot cake without the calorie count I don't feel any affection for at all). If your significant other (or you if you're rockin' the single status) needs a little help in whipping up these light and fluffy beauties, go ahead and show them this video:


Lighter Whipped Cream: If you want to top your pancakes with something other than syrup and butter, have we got the topping for you! Instead of going full-fat with heavy whipping cream (which is delicious but super calorie and sat fat heavy), we lighten it up with Greek yogurt. The thick and creamy texture is the perfect addition for whipped cream. This lighter heavy cream is clean, simple, and delicious--and perfect for breakfast in bed!

Bacon: If waffles and pancakes don't have a side of bacon, they aren't worth eating. (Just kidding. They're always worth eating, but they're even better when they have a bacon companion.) Here's the thing... I have always hated cooking bacon. Until I learned to cook bacon in the oven. It has changed my life. No popping grease, no mess, all pieces cooked exactly the same. Let your Valentine know cooking bacon this way will make their life easier--and clean-up less hectic.

Winter Jeweled Fruit SaladWhile we've got this beautiful winter citrus bounty in our grocery stores, take advantage of it with a simple but elegant fruit salad. One recipe serves 8, so now you've got fruit salad for this week's snacks, too.

Blood Orange MimosaSpeaking of winter's most beautiful citrus, breakfast in bed requires a mimosa or 2. We love the color blood oranges give this classic brunch cocktail. A dash of bitters adds depth.

More Breakfast Ideas Perfect for Valentine's Day: