Tyson, the chicken giant, is removing human antibiotics from their poultry products.
Credit: Photo: Morsa Images/Getty

The world's second largest chicken manufacturer, Tyson, has announced today their plans to stop feeding chickens antibiotics by June of this year. 

Revealed at a Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference, Tyson Foods pledged to remove all human-used antibiotics from their chicken by mid-2017. This change was originally announced April of 2015, with the company planning to end antibiotics use by September 2017. The push to speed up the process might be coming in part from McDonald's, who Tyson Foods supplies, as part of their pledge to phase out antibiotic-fed chickens from their fast food chain.

These changes would make Tyson the largest poultry company to rid their products of human-used antibiotics. Perdue Farms, the fourth largest chicken producer in the nation, announced in the fall of 2016 the removal of antibiotics from their poultry products. 

“Certainly the conscious consumer today is holding us accountable,” said Tom Hayes, the president of Tyson Foods, in an interview with Quartz Media.

The implementation of human-used antibiotics in farm animals has come under scrutiny in recent years. Antibiotic resistance in human consumers, and the animals they feed on, has been a growing issue among the food and health communities.