Food halls are cropping up nationwide at what seems like the same frenzied pace that shopping malls did decades ago. Obviously, we're hoping they'll have more staying power—it's a trend any food lover can certainly get behind.

By now, you're familiar with the food hall model, shaped by the likes of New York City's Eataly (est. 2010): a collection of restaurants, cafes, markets, bars, and food boutiques under one roof. In Eataly's case, Italian cuisine binds together the various vendors, but many food halls showcase cuisines of all kinds, with just locality in common.

Dozens of new food halls are slated to open in the next two years. Here are some of the best expected to open this spring:

St. Roch Market, New Orleans: Situated in the Bywater District and due to open in April, St. Roch will feature 15 different vendors offering everything from charcuterie, oyster bars, and fresh local fruits and veggies to Nigerian cooking.

Portland Mercado, Portland, OR: The city's first Latino public market expects to open April 11. Indoor retailers will include a tortilleria, bakery, and bottle shop, while a variety of Latino-themed food trucks will post up in the Mercado's lot.

The Market Hall, San Francisco: Due to open this summer, the hall amounts to 10,000 square feet of food-focused retail space, comprising a restaurant and locally sourced produce, meats, cheese, charcuterie, beer, and wine.

Maketto, Washington, D.C.: A Southeast Asian-themed market and restaurant featuring street food, coffees, and retail food treats.