Discover Chicago's vibrant Sunday farmers' market at Logan Square.
Credit: Photo: Tru Studio

To know the farmers' market at Logan Square is to know the neighborhood itself, because more than any other market and community in Chicago, the two reflect each other. Both are completely food obsessed: On Saturday night, Logan Square is a vibrant, hip, food- and drink-fueled party. And the Sunday farmers' market just keeps that vibe going.

Fifteen years ago, the idea that anyone would have considered coming to Logan Square for a lively, food-filled Sunday morning was unthinkable. It wasn't yet a destination noted for its neighborhood restaurants like Lula Cafe, a farm-to-table pioneer showcasing the Midwestern food shed. But now, people come early, put their name down for brunch, or meet up with friends for a picnic. But first they shop.

You hear and smell the market before you actually see it. The sounds come from the bands playing over on the grass; the smells from the scent of bangers, British-style sausages almost as famous here as the Chicago dog is city-wide. People definitely eat and listen to music, but everybody is ultimately here for one thing: the shopping.

They stroll (many with a baby strapped to their back) among the organic farmers, bread bakers, and cheese and sausage makers—a carefully curated bunch from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana—to pick up needed produce, reserved CSA boxes, blocks of Butterkase or feta cheese, or what is arguably the best lamb in the Midwest. There are piles and piles of produce—everything from baskets of jalapeños and ramps to crates of Michigan blueberries from the Great Lakes Fruit Belt, where sandy soil and cool breezes make them plump and perfect. And then there's locally distilled whiskey. Party-minded Logan Square residents and visitors are more than happy for a sip before heading off with heavy market totes in hand and a meal plan for the week.

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