Admit it: We all have a fascination with one (or more) food couples that baffles even the people who know and love us most. I'm owning up to mine here and now.

Attention, everyone! I love mustard so much I just it on saltine crackers. I really love mustard. It's basically the only condiment I use on sandwiches, hot dogs, and anything that requires a sauce. Ketchup gets a turn on my hamburgers from time to time, but I'd be content with just a dollop of mustard, a slice of cheese, and a thick wedge of red onions.

It started in elementary school. Mustard and packets of saltine crackers were (and still are, much to my delight) free at many fast-food restaurants. They kept them unguarded near the napkins, eating utensils, and ketchup pump. Walking into a restaurant and seeing those treasures was like striking gold! I'm certain I cost Wendy's several hundred dollars on mustard packets and saltine cracker packs. (But, hey, thanks for feeding me!)

It seems we all have super sneaky (some more so than others) food obsessions that we just know no one will understand, except those people who love the same things. See some of our staff's favorite food odd couples, and then share yours in the comments!

Baked potatoes with A1 sauce - Hagen Baker, Senior Designer

Pickles and peanut butter - Teresa Sabga, Fellow

Carrots and peanut butter - Rebecca Longshore, Assistant Digital Editor

Peanut butter shows up a lot in these couplings!

Peanut butter and bread-and-butter pickle sandwiches – I blame my mother for this one.  She used to eat them and being a curious child, I had to try what she was eating.  Sounds gross, but really good. - Alice Summerville, Assistant Managing Editor

Fig Balsamic Vinegar + Pizza - Kathleen Varner, Assistant Photo Editor

Chocolate covered potato chips - Hannah Klinger, Associate Editor

Hannah must not be the only one who craves this salty-sweet combo. We've seen big name brands (ahem, Trader Joes!) with their own variety of these.

Scrambled eggs and ketchup - Daniel Boone, Senior Digital Designer

Cottage cheese and gherkins - Matthew Moore, Community Manager of

Got a really great combo? Share it in the comments, and we'll turn our favorites into downloadable Valentine's Day cards!

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