I love a teaching moment. In the Cooking Light Test Kitchen we are frequently challenged with unfamiliar ingredients, different methods, and new techniques. Between the four of us in the kitchen, someone usually has a good understanding or basic knowledge of our new challenge and is more than willing to share that knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have my co-workers just a few feet away from me.

And now this love of sharing is spreading. Last week I had the opportunity to help a co-worker from a different department make her first loaf of bread from scratch. She had fed and nurtured a sourdough starter to provide texture and flavor to her bread. The bread turned out great!

This week I walked one of our interns through the process of taking one of her favorite cookie recipes and redesigning it ‘light’. Again, our reward was a wonderful new cookie recipe. And guess what? I already have a date next week to teach one of our assistant editors how to make a lattice top pie. How great is my job?

Our love of food, our willingness to share our knowledge, and our desire to become better at what we do all make Cooking Light a great place to be.