I'm an unabashed ice cream glutton. I've been through just about every flavor that comes in a pint-size container. And I always find that 1/2-cup serving size laughable. A half cup is generally what I have on the way from the freezer to the couch if we're being completely honest.

So recently, when we were sampling different flavors from Halo Top as contenders for our 2015 Taste Test Awards, it was shocking to discover that I could actually eat a whole pint--mint chip was my favorite of the ones we tested--with less nutritional impact in the categories that I care about (i.e. fat and calories) than the unrealistic-in-my-world 1/2-cup serving of my usual Häagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry's.

As far as the taste goes, Halo Top does not skimp on flavor. Sweetened with erythritol--made from fermenting glucose with yeast--you get the flavor of sugar (and not artificial sweetener) with negligible calories. You may not get the heavy creamy mouthfeel, but it is quite a good experience. It doesn't have that gummy texture that some frozen yogurts and light ice creams are ruined by.

I highly recommend it for the next time you are looking to knock back a pint on the couch and don't want to carry a thousand calories and a ton of guilt to bed with you. And I suppose if you're one of those folks that can stop at a 1/2 cup, it's even that much better for you.

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