New Year’s Resolutions often fall by the wayside faster than a straight-to-DVD movie.

Now that the end of January is here, we’ve rounded up four products and gadgets that can help keep you on track this month--and for the next eleven:

1. If your goal was to drink more water, hydrate beautifully with Soma’s glass carafes and vegan, compostable water filters. New filters are delivered to your door every two months via subscription ($15 per filter, subscription prices to be announced).

2. Want to get in on the juicing movement? Start with Breville’s powerful Hemisphere Control Blender. The two sets of stainless-steel blades ensure a smooth juice. And at $300, the gadget costs hundreds less than similar models.

3. Eating less is never easy. Slim & Sage’s porcelain plates ($99 for a set of four) use an attractive geometric pattern to guide sensible portion sizing, making healthy dining discreet and doable.

4. Trying to save money on food? Make a few batches of yogurt, whether plain, fruity or Greek-style, with T-fal’s Balanced Living yogurt maker ($40), and the gadget practically pays for itself.

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