Tender is an image-driven app geared toward helping users find delicious recipes from around the Internet and build excitement while doing it.

The same rules of the popular dating app Tinder apply: Like what you see? Swipe right. Not so appetizing? Swipe left. Not sure? Tap and get more info (i.e., the full recipe). Fortunately, those pork and ginger pot stickers don't have to like you back before you can interact with them.

Created by three eating-enthusiastic, Boston-based pals, the app allows users to filter their search by category: drinks, desserts, chicken, seafood, pork, beef, vegan, vegetarian. Recipes swiped to the right will be saved into the user's "Cookbook" and can be shared via social media or email. The app is both fun and functional, with small improvements—such as more filters and nutrition stats—hopefully to come in the near future.

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