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Sweet, sour, salty--ice cold! Watermelon and lime bring out the best in each other, and that is truly the case in these ice pops. Fresh lime zest is included to punch up the citrus flavor, bringing out the best in the watermelon's sweetness. Read below for the recipe.

Sweet Lime & Watermelon PopsMakes: 4 Pops

4 teaspoons fresh lime zest1 cup watermelon chunks (about 1/2" cubes)2 cups limeade*

1. Fill 4 pop molds with 1 teaspoon lime zest. Fill evenly with watermelon chunks and fill to the top with limeade.

2. Freeze molds overnight. Run warm water to remove molds from pops. Enjoy!

*You may need to adjust liquid volume depending on your pop molds.

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