A new study might help ease the pain of washing dishes or taking out the garbage. Couples who share household chores have more sex than couples with one-sided cleaning responsibilities. Now who's up for a vacuuming the living room?
Credit: Ullstein Bild / Getty

What if we told you that splitting chores with your significant other might boost your sex life? Well, good news. It's true.

A recent study from The Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that couples who share house work more evenly have more sex than those who share disproportionately. These results come as little surprise, since a previous study found that 1 out of 5 Americans report arguing about chores on a monthly basis. But couples who share house work, with the man contributing a third to 65 percent of the chores, have a happier outlook about their partner and overall marriage.

The Journal of Marriage and Family's study was taken from a 2006 survey, which shows that times might be changing from the traditional gender roles of women doing the majority of the housework. The report even reads: "When couples share similar tasks rather than different, gender-stereotyped ones, this seems to deepen desire."

Now, grab a mop! It's time to clean.