This week, in our health news roundup, we took a look at 3 recent health news stories.

Mayor Bloomberg’s “soda ban” was overturned by a State Supreme Court Justice  Milton Tingling. The ban, which was part of Mayor Bloomberg’s effort to fight New York’s obesity problem, met opposition from restaurant and beverage groups, who claimed the ban was detrimental to business. The city is appealing the overturn of the ban.

Aspirin may be good for headaches, but did you know it could also prevent melanoma in woman? A study found that women who took aspirin on a regular basis were 21% less likely to develop this dangerous skin cancer.

And finally, Whole Foods Market announced their GMO transparency plan. In 5 years, the health food chain plans to create a system to label food containing Genetically Modified Organisms accordingly. GMO’s are a controversial health topic and many countries have made it mandatory to label such foods.

Tell us: How do you feel about super-sized sodas, aspirin as a cancer preventer, and genetically altered food?