Find out all the changes and what our editors really think.

A major project has been brewing in the Cooking Light office for the last few months. After much sweating and toiling, with a good amount of love thrown in, we are premiering a fresh new look that hits newsstands Friday. This redesign couldn't have happened without the hard work and dedication of the Cooking Light staff, many of which are excited about this new era for the food magazine:

"I like that we've sprinkled in more health and nutrition callouts throughout the magazine instead of having them designated to one specific section. I also think the images are much more engaging and really pull the reader into the recipe." – Jamie Vespa, Assistant Nutrition Editor

"I do really like the whole new What's Fresh Now section.  Love seeing trends that I might not know about.  Even though I work for a major food magazine there are trends I'm not aware of.  Also love the new sauces and sides.  I'm always looking for ways to change things up for dinner." – Alice Summerville, Assistant Managing Editor

"I think this is the cleanest, crispest, most reader-friendly look the magazine has ever had. It lets us convey our passion for food, cooking, and good health more powerfully than ever." – Tim Cebula, Senior Food Editor

"I'm really excited about the new Ask the Experts section. It's great to hear from leaders in the healthy eating space in The Interview and our new columnists--Jamie Vespa, Gina Homolka, and Andrea Nguyen--all bring unique expertise to each column. I'm learning something new in every issue!" – Brierley Horton, Food and Nutrition Director

"Consistency and clarity are my overall favorite things. I love how the pages are consistently labeled, with consistent fonts, and crystal-clear language—so that you know exactly where you are in the magazine and what the page is about. But my favorite single page in the new Cooking Light? It's the "4 Sauces for Any Protein" page in Dinner Tonight because it's incredibly useful. I can see ripping these out each month and just keeping them handy in my kitchen; with these at the ready, dinner every night would be a breeze." – Ann Pittman, Executive Editor

"I love how clean, fresh, and inspired it all looks! As a reader, I know where to go for the topics I love, and it all feels so light and airy—from the fonts to the images to the overall vibe. Having been with Cooking Light for more than 16 years, I can confidently say this is the best we've ever looked." – Cindy Hatcher, Managing Editor

While keeping classic beloved sections like Dinner Tonight and delicious recipe features, the redesigned culinary favorite will also feature new content categories:

  • What's Cooking will focus on what we learned during our time in the test kitchens, along with coverage of the trending techniques, ingredients, and recipes you've been seeing everywhere.
  • To make your weeknights a breeze, 4 Sauces for Any Protein can help zing up everything from grilled chicken to steamed shrimp.
  • Plan. Shop. Cook. features a single grocery list, averaging around $30, to create three dishes that will feed a family of four for three nights.
  • Also to take the effort out of planning a spread, 4 Go-With-Anything Sides, packs in the veggies and balances meals.
  • Two new columns join the lineup, The Picky Eater Guru, to help you feed even the most fussy foodie, and The Teacher, which acts like a culinary instructor in your own personal home. 
  • Making sure that everyone feels accounted for in our new layout, the new Pets section will contain content on your favorite furry (or sometimes scaly) friends. 
  • Cooking Class: The Hows and Whys of Delicious, will give you all the necessary information to make the best dishes ever. From fun facts to a breakdown on ingredients, you're sure to learn something new.
  • Quittin' Time embodies the relief of retiring after a long day of work with a cocktail. Featuring seasonal ingredients, you'll be excited to read about these boozy beverage recipes. 

If you're interested in learning more about how design aspects were chosen, check out The Society for Publication Designers' article interviewing Cooking Light's Editor, Hunter Lewis, and Creative Director, Rachel Lasserre.