Just saw a thread on the CLBB about freshly foraged ramps (also known as wild leeks, which taste kind of like a garlicky leek) and morel mushrooms, those tasty, woodsy springtime treasures. The person who started the thread wondered what to do with them.


First: These are items harvested from the wild, so they’ll need a good washing. Remove all dirt and grit by swirling them repeatedly in a bowl of cold water (replacing water as needed). And don’t worry about the mushrooms soaking up too much water while they’re briefly submerged—not true; they absorb only negligible amounts.


Next: Use them in any number of sautés or sauces, or in risottos, omelettes, or pasta dishes, just as you would use most other onions or mushrooms. For starters, try our Spring Risotto, Spring Onion and Morel Galette, and Makaruni Pasta with Morel Mushroom Sauce. (These dishes don’t call for ramps, but you can easily substitute the ramps for the spring onion/shallots/leek/scallions in the ingredient list. Ramps can be potent, so you might want to start with a slightly lesser amount; you can always add more.) But however you use them, make sure to let their distinctive flavors shine through.

Image courtesy of Dano272 on Flickr

Image courtesy of MNgilen on Flickr