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Can it get any better than a hot day and a boozy, semi-frozen treat? Summertime is fast approaching and celebrating the end of a long, hot day requires a refreshing treat that doubles as a cool down.

These rosé pops have the aroma of wine while the sweet, tart pomegranate really brings out fruity richness. Any berry can be used in these pops, but the beauty of a ripe simmer strawberry makes this pop a stunner. Read below for the recipe.

Pomegranate, Rosé, and Strawberry PopsMakes: 4 pops

4 tablespoons rosé wine4 strawberries, sliced2 cups pomegranate juice*

1. Fill 4 pop molds with 1 tablespoon wine. Drop in 1 strawberry (sliced), and fill to the top with pomegranate juice.

2. Freeze molds overnight. Run warm water to remove molds from pops. Enjoy!

*You may need to adjust liquid volume depending on your pop molds.

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