After 10 years with various Time Inc Brands, the Editor is moving on to tackle new adventures in meal planning. And while she'll no longer be in the office after today, her best articles will remain our favorites from all the food stories online. Here are a few pieces of her cherished content.
Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

As a wee youngin', Kimberly joined our sister brand Health magazine's team as an intern in the summer of 2007, after graduating from Samford University. She worked in various capacities for that brand, including writing "an embarrassing health questions book," until she joined Cooking Light in March 2011. Since joining CL, she's transitioned from Assistant Editor to Associate and then joined the digital team full time in October 2015. In April of 2016, she was promoted to Editor of Her keen eye for must-have gadgets, drive to serve the magazine readers, and passion for health and wellness will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for your hard work, Kimberly. Please tell us where you keep all the good snacks before you leave today. Below are a handful of our favorite articles that you wrote.

My Weight Is Not My Worth

For anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and thought, "Not good enough", the words you wrote are nothing short of a beautiful release. "I hope you know that the beauty of your story is that your weight is not your worth. Your weight does not determine who you are. Your weight does not define your days, good or bad. And when you find yourself sad or upset or frustrated, say these words to yourself, 'This number is not my forever.' Then get back out there and make tomorrow better—for today you, for future you, and for the second grade version of you that doesn't want anyone to see her in a swimsuit." Now if someone would just quit cutting onions around here.

Credit: Photo: Rachel Johnson

Cooking for One

You showed us how to cook for one, so that we stopped grabbing takeout or eating another PB&J and sad salad. Your meal plan with five dinners and two desserts started with seven ingredients and very basic cooking skills. Your desire to feed people, and feed them well, shines best here, and reminded us to Pin it one more time for good measure.

We Spend Our Whole Day Thinking About Healthy, So Here's What We Think About Barbie's New Bodies.

Continuing your constant desire to link health with wellness, not tether it to numbers on a scale or the size on a tag, this article you curated gave our editorial team the chance to speak about how a pop culture moment impacted their food view.

Sunday Strategist

Part of your job has always been listening to the readers, and when you heard them asking for help, you realized they didn't need better knife skills, they needed a plan to get through the week. Sunday Strategist became a weekly staple for our readers online, making their weeks easier by providing a meal plan loaded with variety and bold flavor. You've always been in the service of our readers, striving to give them the best of Cooking Light so that their meals could be better and their lives easier.