We all have a little post holiday entertaining-fatigue, but New Year's Eve still lurks straight ahead. We've given you solutions for what to serve and drink already. But there's no need to start over for your decor--just try altering what you already have on hand or add a few natural touches to bring the New Year's bling to your table.

We spoke with Maria Morasco, General Manager of Penny's Flowers in Glenside, PA and florist on the flower delivery site, BloomNation--known as "the Etsy for flowers" for her top tips.

How do I transition my holiday décor to New Year's Eve without starting over?Add a little bit of sparkle or bright pops of color. Keep your evergreens, they are long lasting and are a great base to start with. Add something like glittery gold or silver sticks or “ting.” You can even add colored balls to your décor. Just these simple additions will instantly give your home a festive feel.

What sorts of unique flower or other "green" things—including food items—are you seeing in arrangements this time of year?Magnolia leaves are always a wonderful long lasting accent to any arrangement. Also try adding some fresh artichokes, or even some ornamental kale, which comes in a variety of colors. Grapes will also give your piece a nice texture and flow. Your imagination can be endless, so don’t be afraid to try anything that catches your eye. 

What are the latest color trends I could incorporate beyond the traditional metallics?Color trends vary, but at the same time, you can use accent colors to complement the area in your home the décor is being displayed. For a more neutral look, try shades of green and ivory. For a deep, richer look, try burgundy and blush tones. For something bright and non-traditional, try deep blues and purples.

Any creative ideas for hostess gifts for NYE entertaining?A hostess gift can be as simple as a succulent display in an oblong glass vase with Spanish moss or river rocks. You can add a little bit of “bling” by using touches of colored stones to give it that New Year’s feel. This is a fun, long lasting, and interesting gift that can be used as a table centerpiece or to go in any room to enjoy. The hostess is sure to love it, especially because succulents are the hot trend right now.

New Year's Eve Nibbles: