Our colleagues at are the experts at coming up with new uses for everything under the sun. Just in time for Christmas, here's a sample of some of their best New Uses for Christmas Things.

1. Holiday Lights as Night Lights (pictured). These would be great for a porch, patio, or kids room.

2. Ribbon as Photo Matte. Using leftover colorful ribbon as a backdrop is the perfect thing to accent a black and white photo in a neutral frame.

3. Pipe Cleaners as Drink Labels. I love this ideas of using pipe cleaners and having guests make their own drink charms. I would love to see what people come up with after a glass or two of bubbly too!

4. Book as Misleading Gift Box. Unless, you are a librarian, I think we would all be pleasantly surprised to find something sparkly in a hollowed out book.

5. Apple Container as Ornament Storage. I can not count how many delicate ornaments I have broken in storage through the years. Storing in apple containers is a great idea.

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