Been thinking a lot about food trucks lately, and how far they've come in the last few years. From Chicken-Fried Guacamole Sliders at Along Came A Slider in Austin, Texas, to the Central Asian offerings at Silk Road BBQ outside Boston (including a jerk recipe they claim is the world's first example of Jamaican-Uzbek fusion cuisine), mobile food operations are often where you'll find a city's tastiest and most imaginative food.    

The whole food truck scene is booming in cities across the country, some—like Portland, New York, and Austin—more than others. Here in Birmingham, we have, oh, I don't know, one. But that's just a rough estimate. There might be two. Still, it's about quality, not quantity; the one I know of sells tacos, and they are deee-lightful. I had a pork carnitas taco there the other day: succulent, boldy spiced pulled pork shoulder nestled on two fresh, pillowy, fragrant corn tortillas, and topped with a rainbow of vibrant condiments. Was it light? Not exactly. But in a superhuman display of restraint, I ordered just one.

Tell us about your favorite food trucks, and don't spare any delicious details.

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