The West Coast really loves their tacos.

If you’ve ever wondered how your meal choices stacked up to others around you, now is your chance to find out. The food and exercise tracking smart phone app, Lose It!, took a peek at what their users are logging, and it’s pretty surprising stuff.

Credit: Photo: Lose It!

Lost It! compiled the data by looking at popular food items logged in 11 major US cities since January 1, 2017, compared to the logging rates of the meals throughout the entire county. The app gathered data to find the top 3 foods and top 3 restaurants logged in these major Metropolitan areas.

We looked into some of the crazier health trends the app's data brings up. California truly lives up to its reputation as avocado obsessed. While only 22% of users across the country combined logged avocados, approximately 27% of Los Angeles users logged the popular fruit. But it’s not just LA that loves their avocado toast and guacamole. Avocados found their way into San Francisco’s top 3 foods as well, proving Californians really can’t get enough of them.

We figured Georgia, being the peach state, would have taken the title of the most peaches logged, but San Francisco took it home. Approximately 14% of users from the Golden City logged peaches, compared to 11% of users across the US combined. Atlanta was a little busy logging Southern comfort food staples like cornbread and macaroni and cheese to be bothered.

We were surprised to see how few vegetables made the list for this weight loss app. In fact, okra and green beans were the only two vegetable represented, with a whopping 18% of Atlanta users logging green beans on their app compared to 14% of all users. We loved seeing other healthy food trends, like papaya and salmon in Miami, egg whites in Las Vegas, and cottage cheese in Seattle.

International foods made it pretty high on the list of most logged items as well. Tacos made it into the top 3 in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and enchiladas are also in the top 3 in Dallas. Plus, sushi made it in the top 3 for both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Credit: Photo: Lose It!

As for dining out, Washington D.C. and New York truly love their lunchtime salads. Users in the Washington area logged the fast-casual salad chains Chop’t and Sweetgreen more than the average American. New York also loves Chop’t, along with soup, salad, and sandwich shops Pret a Manger and Hale and Hearty. Boston is close behind with a love for the salad and grain bowl lunch spot, b. good, and Las Vegas residents love the health conscience chain Tropical Smoothie Café.