With the arrival of the new Windsor, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and the fourth wedding anniversary for Kate and William, my Anglophile blood is pumping at full throttle. If I could figure out a legitimate reason to splurge on a week in London right now, I would do it in a heartbeat. A heartbeat, I tell you. Alas, I'm stuck stateside with my fellow Brits-at-heart while baby fever envelopes London and all of the U.K.

Truthfully, baby fever has enveloped my Facebook feed, too. Lots of friends and acquaintances have welcomed babies in recent weeks, and that gives me a great reason to fire up the stove and make some dinner (for the new parents, of course)!

If you're making meals for an expecting couple or new parents, I have a few great options for you. These recipes, when made together, use a lot of common ingredients so you can minimize your grocery budget and maximize the meals. They also freeze well, so if you need to give the family some options for later (once everyone has left and they're on their own), these work beautifully, too.

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