It seems as if our favorite food companies can't catch a break. Maytag Farms has voluntarily recalled 5 lots of blue cheese wedges and wheels and 15 batches of blue cheese crumbles (about 1,100 pounds total) after two lots tested positive for Listeria. The cheese was sold between December 11, 2015 and February 11, 2016. While the symptoms of listeria for healthy folks are short term (yet rather unpleasant), they can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections for at-risk populations and pregnancy complications for young mothers.

Maytag blue cheese is often called America's Roquefort for its intensely sharp and funky flavor profile (and if you're a blue cheese lover like me, that's a fantastic thing). We love the contrast it gives to sweet pears in our Hazelnut, Pear, and Blue Cheese Tart, the funk it adds to Barbecue Sirloin and Blue Cheese Salad, and the luscious texture it gives to Blue Cheese Polenta with Vegetables.

We hope to see Maytag Blue back on the shelves soon.