Try it as a poolside sip, a game-day drink, or just as an afternoon pick me up. 
Credit: Photo: Alison Miksch Styling: Lindsey Lower

Every time I’ve tried kombucha I really wanted to like it. With a slew of gut health benefits from probiotics and live cultures, this was the perfect alternative to sipping plain water all day. But honestly, the fermented tea drinks tend to have a little funk that isn’t particularly pleasing. I tried flavor after flavor to find that this one's too gingery and that one’s too fermented. I was ready to just give up. 

Credit: Photo: KeVita

This was until I tried KeVita’s new blueberry basil flavor and finally found my kombucha soul mate. I even spent my Saturday poolside reading magazines, and while everyone around me popped open wine coolers and beer cans, I sipped happily on my blueberry basil kombucha.

KeVita introduced the new bluberry basil and roots beer flavors to Whole Foods Markets mid-August, which joined the 11 other flavors in the Master Brew Kombucha line. All flavors boast probiotics, active cultures, natural caffeine, and about 70 calories for an entire bottle.

For someone who cut out soda years ago, this is truly a dream come true. The blueberry basil is lightly sweetened with cane sugar, maple extract, and stevia extract and has natural flavors from blueberry juice concentrate, basil extract, and acaii puree. It's fruity, fizzy, and delicious. Plus, kombucha has quite a bit of natural caffeine from black tea, green tea, and green coffee bean extract, so it's the perfect mid-day pick me up. 

Here’s a sample of what other Cooking Light staffers had to say about the Blueberry Basil:

“Nice berry flavor.”

“This is super crisp and refreshing.”  

Credit: Photo: KeVita

The new roots beer flavor also joined the collection mid-August, and though I’m not typically a fan of root beer, our staff loved the ginger, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon, and vanilla combination. It's definitely one I'd pick up again. Here’s what they had to say:

“Tangy and sweet. Great drink!”

“Complex, and actually pretty smooth and flavorful. Like a healthy Dr Pepper.”

Despite the excitement over the new flavors, the staff’s all-time favorite was the apple cider vinegar tonic meyer lemon. Their comments had it winning with flying colors, and it's definitely a new go-to for a lot of us. Here's what our staff had to say: 

“Love this one! Not too sweet and really refreshing.”

“Like an updated bubbly lemonade. May be my new favorite!”

“Yum- very refreshing! Just like a fizzy lemonade.”

We were so crazy about the new flavors, our awesome Assistant Nutrition Editor mixed it up into a delicious cocktail. Try the Blueberry-Basil Kombucha Smash at your next party.

If you want to try one of these drinks, you can pick them up along with tons of other flavors at your local Whole Foods Market. It’s a fantastic alternative to sugary sodas or high calorie cocktails (though we definitely encourage playing mixologist and making one with these), and it's a delicious drink for game day or social gatherings.