In April, Kellogg's changed the formulation of a few of its products—it added peanut flour to several cheese cracker sandwiches under both the Austin and Keebler labels. This did not go over well with some parents of children with nut allergies.

These parents argue that since the cheese crackers were previously peanut-free, some families might assume that the crackers will continue to be peanut-free without re-checking the labels, which have been updated. Additionally, cheese crackers are not the first place you would expect to find peanuts. (Though, of course, everyone affected by allergies has to check all labels religiously.) The outcry has even sparked a petition.

However, as the fact-checking website Snopes points out, some of the charges levied by bloggers like Snack Smart against Kellogg's are not completely accurate. It is true that some cheese crackers that were once peanut-free now contain peanut flour, but it is not true that the change was made in secret. Kellogg's did issue statements about the changes to both the Austin and the Keebler's brands about one month ago.

In a statement, Kris Charles, Kellogg Company spokesperson had this to say: "At Kellogg, the health and safety of our consumers is something we take very seriously. That is why we communicated ahead of time about changes to the ingredients in certain Keebler and Austin sandwich crackers, which will be reflected clearly on the label."

Additionally, the company says, starting in September, the Austin brand Grilled Cheese Sandwich Crackers will be peanut-free, to provide consumers with a nut allergy with a cheese cracker option.

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