In recent days, I've seen a lot of Facebook talk about what our Founding Fathers would have wanted for our country. The topics have been pretty divisive, so maybe it isn't the right time to introduce another hot topic to the debate realm. But, why not?

In what I think is one of the best marketing ploys I've seen in recent years, Tillamook, the farmer-owned, widely-available dairy brand from Oregon, wants Americans to petition the White House to strip American Cheese of its name. Abe has a good point: it might be time to give "American" cheese the boot. After all, it's a highly-processed cheese product. As a country, we're moving away from highly-processed food, so why should a "cheese" bear our country's great name if it's antithetical to what we're about? That's a good question.

So which cheese should be declared the #1 Cheese of the Land? Well, Tillamook suggests their cheddar, of course. For what it's worth, our favorite cheddar is Kerrygold's Reduced-Fat Dubliner. However, that's an Irish company, so we'll just let the American public decide.

If you think it's time to pick a new national cheese, sign Tillamook's petition. Or at least watch Abe's video. It's really funny.

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